Double Golden Horses (双马飞腾)

Size: 72 X 61 (CM) (#20)

Horse has always been associated with courage and a pioneering spirit. These double golden horses are like two racing horse, charging forward together towards a common goal with success in sight.

In Chinese, there’s a saying 双马飞腾, signifying outstanding talents and two souls forging ahead in unity to become great leaders. Horse spirit animals does not only represent our inner strength and driving force in life, but also denotes our psychological or emotional ability to go on in life.

马,具有勇往直前,开拓进取的精神。马呈飞腾之状,象征着积极进取,成功在望。双马飞腾, 顾名思义是指两匹飞腾的骏马, 凌空飞腾朝着共同目标前进。 双马飞腾,象征合伙人才智出众,合二为一,默契十足,团结奋进,平步青云,无往不利,共创大业,必能成为同行的佼佼者。