Our Investment Approach

In today’s world, amassing money is often regarded as the path to riches. With proper investment into stocks, bonds and properties, one could attain wealth that could beat inflation over years, or even decades. However, for wealth to be able to weather through multiple adversities and business cycles, and preserve in value over centuries, something more is needed than mere ordinary investment skill.

This success in wealth preservation often requires a longer view, infused with a sense of culture and history, and with a wary anticipation for worst case scenarios that too often becomes real such as the global financial crisis, collapse of international monetary system, outbreak of diseases and worst of all, war. In order to achieve wealth preservation that can span generations, the answer can more often than not be found in the value of owning hard assets such as land, real estate, gold and fine art.

In history, paper money has often been proven time and time again to be an ineffective way of storing value. On the other hand, gold, the most coveted commodity known by mankind has always prevailed. Not only has it stood the test of time for centuries, but also millenniums. As the saying goes, whoever has the gold makes the rules. This has ring true since the Roman Empire. Besides gold, possession of fine art has also been a favorite within the prominent and the rich to preserve their wealth.